Edible nuts

Product Style Type
apricot kernels bitter with skin, de-bittered, blanched  
walnuts inshell, different sizes bulk in bags or packed in cello bags or nets
walnut kernels halves and pieces, different sizes also available as special selected quality regarding shells (DIAMOND «Low Shell» and DIAMOND «Zero Shell»), hand-picked halves
cashew kernels wholes and pieces, in different qualities natural or roasted
groundnuts inshell, different sizes  
groundnut kernels wholes, halves, sliced, granules, with or without skin natural or roasted, also salted
hazelnuts inshell, different sizes  
hazelnut kernels wholes, granules, also blanched natural or roasted
coconut desiccated, chips, diced natural or toasted, also sweetened (chips only)
macadamia kernels wholes, halves and diced natural or roasted, also salted
almond kernels natural or blanched, wholes, slivered, sliced, granules, meal natural or roasted
pecans halves, pieces, granules and meal, in different sizes natural
pinenut kernels wholes, washed and brushed natural
pistachios inshell, different sizes roasted and salted
pistachio kernels from dark green to yellowish green, with or without skin, wholes or broken natural or roasted