Dried fruit

Product Style Type
apples diced, with and without peel, flakes, powder, rings, quarters oven-dried, different moisture levels, vacuum-dried, freeze-dried
apricots, sweet or sour wholes pitted, halves, diced sun-dried, freeze-dried
banana chips wholes, quarters, broken/quarters, broken roasted in coconut oil, and honey dipped (if required)
bananas bright or dark colored wholes, diced, ends oven-dried
pears halves, diced sun-dried
dates Deglet Noor (with or without pits, wholes or diced), Medjool (with pits) sun-dried, natural or moisturized
figs diced, figs whole floured sun-dried
cherries wholes, with or without pits, granules oven-dried
nectarines halves, diced sun-dried or oven-dried
peaches halves, diced sun-dried
prunes wholes, with or without pits, diced oven-dried and moisturized, cubes produced from paste; specialty: SUNSWEET pitted prunes with low pit content
Sultanas, raisins and currants different sizes and varieties, oiled or unoiled sun-dried, also low moisture, and/or low bacteria
tropical dried fruit (like pineapple, papaya, mango, guava, ginger, kiwi, coconut, cantaloupe, starfruit) tidbits 1/8 cut, slices, spears, chunks, strips, diced, flakes, granules oven-dried and juice treated or sugar infused if required